Post Anesthesia Care Unit On Nursing Class Of 2017 For Observation

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I went to the post-anesthesia care unit on February 2, 2016 for the Wilkes Community College Nursing Class of 2017 for observation. Another student and I were assigned to this unit from 8am-2:30pm. Even though our time was cut short we still got to observe the flow and atmosphere in this unit. It took awhile before we had our first patient, so we go to explore the area, determine what equipment is in this area, and communicate with the nurses. We had them explain the documentation process, and the main differences from a floor nurse than a PACU nurse. The post-anesthesia care unit is next to the operation room and pre-operative patient waiting area. This area has an open floor plan that allows easy communication with other health care members (CNA, Nurse, Doctor, Anesthesiology, Radiography) and visually see patient while getting their medication or a drink. They were 8 different stations in the PACU unit. Each station has equipment for any emergency that could happen in this area. The equipment included a monitor, suction equipment, a sharps container, oxygen, IV pole, call light, ambu bag, emebag, air valve and a trash can. This equipment was present at each station. They were a nutritional area, medication area, and a nurse’s station to toward the back of the unit and on the other side of the unit they were a crash cart, warming blanket machine and a large clock on the wall. This was all placed in the unit to improve transportation and efficient patient care. When the

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