Post Antibiotic Era

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Only a few decades ago antibiotics was a wonder drug that could cure even the most deadly diseases. Presently, numerous antibiotics have become less effective or potent to against the bacterial infections. This is due to the high effectiveness and how frequently they were used to treat diseases. Serious infections have become resistant to the commonly used antibiotics have caused a major global healthcare concern for not only the present, but also the future. These bacterial infections require more serious and long term treatments, meaning they are usually more expensive and difficult to treat. The “post-antibiotic era” is significant issue that is affecting the way doctors treat bacterial infections, furthermore the steps to slow the process…show more content…
According the theory of evolution it predicted that bacteria would eventually develop some type of resistance to combat the antibiotics. Doctors and scientists have several possibilities on how to stop or slow down the bacteria resisting antibiotics. Firstly, doctors shouldn’t use antibiotics to treat viral infections. This is because antibiotics fight off bacterial infections not don’t kill virus, but if you use antibiotics for a viral infection the virus won’t be affected, the doctor simply introduced a way that allows for the bacteria to develop resistance to the antibiotics. A different approach includes a different type of treatment plan for bacterial infection. For example, if an infections needs to be controlled with antibiotics then it is recommended that high dosages over a shorter period of time is less likely to create bacteria that can’t be treated with antibiotics. This is recommended, because “any bacteria that survive a mild dose are likely to be somewhat resistant” which can create further problems for that patient. Finally, when treating a particularly strong bacterial infection it is better to use a combination of drugs instead just increasing the strength of the antibiotics. One of the reasons this could combat the evolving bacteria is to “Giving a stronger dose of the same antibiotic just increases the strength of the same selective pressure — and may even cause the evolution of a "super-resistant" strain”. By introducing a completely new drug the bacteria will not only better assist in fighting that strain, but also reduce the risk of creating bacteria that is immune to certain types of antibiotics. Understanding and implementing ways to slow down this process will greatly benefit the world, and hopefully will stop the development of resistance
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