Post Apocalyptic Literature : The End Of The World

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While post-apocalyptic literature isn’t a new concept, the popularity of post-apocalyptic seems to be steadily growing. People find stories about the end of the world a thrilling but probable plot to easily connect to and become sucked into the story line. Even though the plots of post-apocalyptic stories differ in suggesting how the world may end, post-apocalyptic literature shares common elements from one story to the next. As one may guess, post-apocalyptic literature carriers a looming sense of death caused by natural disasters, disease, and even the actions of humans, but post-apocalyptic literature also contains characters who beat the odds in order to survive by ultimately rejecting their morals. By examining the context of several post-apocalyptic stories, these common threads emerge. One element that seems apparent in almost every post-apocalyptic novel is the constant fear of unavoidable death. The Road takes the classical form of a journey between the man and the boy. From the beginning of the story, the man and the boy are on a journey south. They aren’t traveling to any specific destination, but are mainly hoping for warmth in the south. However, as the story progresses, the reader realizes the boy and the man are actually trying to escape the constant fear of death by following the road. This becomes apparent when the man and the boy reach the destination of the sea, but are greatly dissatisfied. Throughout the man and the boy’s journey, death seems
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