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How To Use a Postcard Creator to Catch Consumer Attention - Assignment #473934 - Order ID 164914
Are you a local business struggling to attract your targeted audience? Do you offer services via the internet and want to offer customers coupons or advance notice of sales?
With all the hoopla about having an online presence we sometimes forget the personal touch.
Not every consumer is online using social media or searching for a business's website. Email marketing is a big plus, but let’s be honest the average email open rate is only 22%. This is across the board, regardless of industry.
If you are looking for a new way to reach customers consider doing a postcard mailing. It can be inexpensive and with today's technology you can be your own
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You will quickly learn that photography for postcards does not require perfection, just a little creativity.
Craft Your Message
There are two important features of an advertisement postcard. One is the image, the other is the message.
For a mailing to be beneficial it has to be intentional. Are you promoting a product, service, event, special or something else?
Ensure that the image you use coincides with your message. If you are offering 20% off red t-shirts, your image should include red t-shirts. Perhaps people wearing red t-shirts walking past your t-shirt shop.
The added touch is having your store name or logo visible in the photo.
On the reverse side of the postcard, space is limited. The right side is dedicated to the return address and deliver to address, as well as postage.
The left side is where you will place your message. Be catchy, be creative, and be concise. Most important, have crisp calls to action.
Be mindful of your fonts. Font size and color play a key role in your postcards presentation. You want the message to be clear and easy to read.
Plan Your Mailing
It is not enough to say I am going to do a postcard mailing. You need to be intentional.
As mentioned above your mailing needs to have a purpose. Adding to that is timing, frequency and targeting.
The same rules that apply to digital marketing and advertising on social media, also applies to postcard mailings.
Determine Your Audience
Understanding how to target demographics will help you
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