Post Classical Era Trade Networks Essay

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1) Trade networks in the post-classical era were larger and had better trade networks than the classical era.
2) Some new technologies, governmental policies, and merchant activities were new state policies, innovations in transportation, and practices contributed to the expansion of networks.
3) They were a main role in creating and help containing the networks.
4)They were much bigger and larger.
5) Trade routes such as the silk roads, Mediterranean Sea, and trans-saharan flourished and helped the expansion and making of new cities such as Baghdad, Venice, and Timbuktu.
6) The Silk Roads, Mediterranean Sea, Trans-Saharan, and Indian Ocean basin.
7) The use of things such as the compass, larger ships, astrolabe, and new forms of credit.
8) Trading
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27) State systems expanded in reach, networks of city-states flourished in the Maya.
28) Conflicts between states and empires encouraged cultural and technological exchange.
29) The Champa rice, the Champa field systems, and improvements in the horse collar.
30) There was an increase in demand for luxury goods in Afro-Eurasia so crops were often transported from their homeland, migrating.
31) When China, Persia, and Indian artisans expanded production of extiles for export.
32) They declined because of invasion, disease, decline of agricultural, and little ice age. It prospered because there was an end to invasions, safe transport, and warmer temp.
33) They contributed as governmental, religious, and commercial centers.
34) They developed by making a more efficient impact on religious conversion and gender relations.
35) Labor systems that continued were free peasant agriculture, craft production, and guild organization, and unfree labor.
36) Social statuses were shaped largely by classes and caste hierarchies. It some areas however, women had more rights.
37) Elaboration of the mot'a in the Inca Empire and the demand for
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