Post Co Op Reflection At The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

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Post-Co-op Reflection A day after I completed my second cooperative at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), I immediately transitioned to a new position at a startup company called EnergySage. On my first day at EnergySage, which is an online solar power marketplace that was created to help consumers learn more about solar and make comparisons between pre-screened solar installers and their quotes, I realized how unique my experience was at MassCEC and how thankful I was for it. Aside from the distinctive atmosphere of MassCEC, the quasi-public agency treated their co-op students as equal contributors to the company’s mission and had a particular focus on providing professional development in exchange for our hard work. Our…show more content…
I discovered I had a passion for pursuing a career in the clean energy industry and I wanted to delve deeper into the various sub-sectors to determine where I fit best, which led to the revision of my ninth goal (see Appendix B) to include the goal of “better understanding my desired role in the clean energy industry and the necessary steps to achieve these ambitions.” In addition, I wanted to enhance my skillset – which include interpersonal, communication and organizational skills – and complete the internship with a range of new skills. Through my position, I was fortunate enough to have many professional development experiences, which led to networking, outreach and leading and organizing meetings. Perhaps, the biggest lesson of all was how essential building your network will be to achieving your goals. This led to revision of my seventh goal to include networking and outreach as the desired skills I received. These two professional goals are reflective of what I hope to achieve in the future and hence why I took on my current internship. I truly enjoyed this past co-op experience and felt that most aspects were enjoyable, rather than difficult. What I enjoyed most was the freedom and the trust that was present between my team and I, as my supervisors often gave me a lot of responsibility and praised me for how I handled it. Good communication and respect was always present amongst my fellow Innovation and Industry Support (IIS) team, where the
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