Post Colonial Literature Essay

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Post colonial’ as we define it does not mean ‘post-independence’, or ‘after colonialism’, for this would be falsely ascribe an end to the colonial process. Post-colonialism, rather, begins from the very first moment of colonial contact. It is the discourse of oppositinality which colonialism brings into being” (pL.117)

The term post colonial is resonant with all the doubts and complexities of the various cultural experiences it involves. It also addresses all aspects of the colonial process from the beginning of the colonial contact. These aspects involve the development of internal divisions based on racial, linguistic or religious discriminations and the continuing unequal treatment of indigenous people in settler/invader societies.
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A very good example of this case is a drama No sugar.

No Sugar by Jack Davis’ is a play that shows Aboriginal family’s experience from an Aboriginal point of view. Being a part of an Aboriginal family Davis knows the problems and sufferings of Aboriginal families. No Sugar is based on Millimurra family’s stand against government pseudo-protection and their struggle to survive during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s depression in Australia. Davis locates his play during the Moore River Native Settlement, where four hundred people, whose only crime was to be Aborigine, were forced into a compound suitable for two hundred people. Historical evidence reveals that the compound was fenced and policed. Furthermore, children and adults were not allowed to associate, even in the dining room, and children’s dormitories were locked and bolted from the outside at six o’clock in the evening during summer.(11) Davis sets his drama in the settlement but outside the compound in order to explore family ties. Though history permeates his drama, Davis focuses on the effects of colonization on a family including their internal relationships and their struggle to live vital lives in a hostile world which makes his family a paradigm of post colonial.

The Millimurra family is forced by the Americans to leave their home and is taken to the Moore River Settlement. They are allowed to
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