Post-Colonialism In Cinderella By Adeline

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The novel was creatively written by Adeline that she was able to tackle about her life and at the same time, illustrate the environment during the World War II and make readers visualize everything going on back then. She was also able to inculcate many Chinese traditions to her readers throughout the novel. One of which was the tradition during her grandmother’s time wherein women’s feet were to be placed in metal shoes in order to avoid the increase in size of their feet. It was said that women that time with tiny feet were considered the most respected and beautiful. We can also see in the novel how treasured the Chinese language is- the fact is has remained the same for more than three thousand years, despite the many invasions of other countries. From the novel, we can relate the theory of Post-colonialism. A reverse of post-colonialism can be seen through the wars against Chinese. As stated earlier, China’s language was preserved even under it was ruled-over by the Britain, France, and Japan. This is reverse post-colonialism because no matter the…show more content…
Another instance of Feminism in the novel was when Adeline’s older sister was pushed to an arranged marriage at a young age. Even if her sister did not refuse, probably because the man she is to be married to was rich or the fact she just wanted to get away from her family, it is unfair for a woman. Even with reasons to agree, an arranged marriage will always be an unfair situation to be in. For this novel, we can also put in the theory of existentialism. We believe that this could be related to the novel Chinese Cinderella because of the fact that Adeline made it alone. By this, we mean that she was able to succeed because she had instilled in her mind that even without the help of others, she would survive and excel. Thus she strived hard and eventually

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