Post Colonialism Latin America.

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Post colonialism Latin America
Through the lens of post colonialism I will focus on that actions that took place in Latin America. Through my research I am looking to find advice to prove my ideology that the actions that took place between the Spanish conquering of the Aztec and Mayan had a long term effect not just on the people its self but in form on new generations being doctorate in the way they conduct themselves through religion, education, and cultural heritage. Post colonialism had happen all over the world. It happens in many countries but the location that I choose was Latin America the Aztecs and the Mayans and how the Spanish conquistadors went to conquer new territory. The conquistadors went to steal everything from Meso-
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Meanwhile the Aztecs wrote symbols called pictograph or glyphs. The Aztecs didn’t use an alphabet, but they used pictures to represent items events and sounds. The only people from the Aztecs that knew how to read and write where the priests. The priests wrote in long sheet made from animal skins or plant fibers. The priests even wrote an Aztecs book called the codex. They’re where many codices that were destroyed and burned and only a few books lived and archeologist has been able to learn about the Aztec’s life. Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes and his 500 men and 16 horses landed on the Mexican coast in 1519. The Aztecs king Montezuma the second gave many gifts to welcome the Spanish. Even though Montezuma didn’t trust Cortes he worried that Cortes was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. They believe that Cortes the god because there believe was that the god will come as a man, and Cortes even arrive on the Quetzalcoatl birthday. He also began to know the natives and he even got a American Indian names Dona Marina, and his lover work as his interpreter. Even though Montezuma treated Cortes and his conquestor very well Cortes went on to kidnap and kill Montezuma but people still don’t know how the king Montezuma was kill. After Montezuma was kill and the world spread the Aztecs manage to kill two thirds of the soldiers were kill. But Cortes manages to escape with a few of his soldiers. After the escape he force other native’s to join his army to fight against
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