Post Consumer Waste

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Choose Your Paper THERE ARE two different types of paper categories to choose from, these are called pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste. Usually post consumer paper can be extremely white and bright, at first glance this paper can appear almost the same as regular recycled paper. There is a whole lot more to paper than just the recycled content or use. If we take the time to find the right paper we could be helping the environment that much more! De-inking happens to the pre-consumer paper and post-consumer paper once everything has been gathered together and ready. De-inking is a process where the paper removes inks in the paper as well as dyes so that it can be reused in the future. If we aren't careful inorganic matter can pollute…show more content…
There are so many other eco-friendly options that are better for the environment such as; veggie, soy, and water based inks. Even though you have the ability to use whatever based inks you want, the inks still have to go somewhere. When working as an environmentally conscious graphic designer, one must remember that less is more. Usually this means that utilizing white space instead of full graphic pages can be better because you aren't using as much ink. Another way to stay environmentally conscious as a graphic designer is to educate yourself about which pantone colors are on the hazardous compounds watch list. Remember we are wanting to eliminate waste so knowing your correct paper sizing can reduce extra paper being thrown into the landfills. This will not only reduce ink coverage but paper costs as well. Printing Methods Environmentally conscious designers know about the letterpress which is the process of printing from an inked raised surface especially when the paper is impressed directly upon the surface. This is a very old process which is still used today. Dryography is another print-
ing process that runs on offset lithography presses, but without using water. This process can 
be a bit costly, but definitely worth the outcome. Flexography is a rotary relief printing method using rubber or plastic plates and fluid inks or dyes for printing on fabrics and impervious materials such as plastics, as well
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