Post Emancipation of Slaves Essay

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After the emancipation of slaves, many things changed throughout the south. The slaves had the title of freed people, but these freed people didn't have the same rights and privileges as their white counterparts. Even though the freed slaves were suppose to be able to live an equal life with the whites, the whites still found ways to keep the African-Americans from being equal with them on all levels. The whites imposed all kinds of hidden rules towards the blacks and the consequence of breaking those laws was death. The whites did not want the ex slaves to be equal and even after the white men's mistress failed at assuming the jobs of their ex slaves, the slave masters still didn't give blacks credit for being able to do the work that …show more content…
Yes their attitudes did change after they actually had to experience the work that their former slaves did. The mistresses started to miss their slaves because now they saw that the work was much harder then they thought. But not all the mistresses' attitudes changed, some still felt that the slaves were still lower then them. Saying that they aren't suppose to be doing this kind of work, that this kind of work was low and only for the slaves to do. They said that the slaves were low just like the work which is why they did such a good job at it. But overall, attitudes did change and most whites saw that the work was actually hard and that they needed the slaves.

After the emancipation of slaves, the black man tried to take the role of head of the household. The black man expected their wives to take care of him, the children, and his household. Not only that but the woman was expected to do all of that and at the same time help the husband financially. Yes, the wife was expected to find a job and do all of the other necessary things for the house.

The whites complained that the slaves were trying to be equal with the whites socially,
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