Post Graduation Plans

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After graduation my ideal plan would be to go into an industry career. I want to get into an engineering-related job first to provide myself with some experience in that aspect of the field. I want to be selective in choosing the company that I begin my career with. I want to ensure that the company that I choose has a program related that aids in helping their employees get advanced degrees. During my first year in my career I want to get into a master’s degree program either focusing on engineering or cyber security. I know there is a market for black women in both of those aspects of computer science so I want to tailor myself so that I am a candidate that is highly sought after. This summer I participated in my second internship…show more content…
The Boeing Company offers one of the benefits that I want the most which is supporting advances degrees. The company actually has an unlimited spending limit for a degree in STEM related fields, which is something that I know is not offered anywhere.

Update resume- Throughout Senior year I hope to have major accomplishments and assignments that I can add to my resume that will show that I am a great candidate for any position I apply to. This should be happening all year long. | Apply for jobs- I plan for my job hunt to include companies other than Boeing; including IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Bank of America, etc. This should be happening all year long. | Interview for jobs- I plan on doing a lot of preparation for interview especially with Technical interviews so that I am never caught outside of my element and I prove that I can accomplish anything that is thrown at me. | Hopefully receive job offers- I would like to be doing the interview process throughout the entire year and have options by May 18th, 2013 | Select the offer that best fits my ideal career path- By the time of graduation I want to know exactly where I am going in the upcoming months | I would leave a month after graduation if I hadn’t received any offers but during that time of wait I would be continuing my job search. |
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