Post Lap Cholecystectomy Case Study

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Alekhyza, now on her post lap cholecystectomy day 3 complained of sore throat and difficulty to swallow since last night. On examination, she did not appear in distress but spoke in muffled voice, has red tonsils, enlarged lymph nodes on the neck and denied any pain on her surgical site only throat pain. Surgical wound appears no any signs of infection and her wound dressing is intact and changed daily. Her temperature was 39.0°C, respiratory rate of 26bpm, heart rate of 121bpm, BP of 116/63mmHg and oxygen saturation 97% in room air. She’s warm to touch and has episodes of chills and no any skin rashes noted. A throat swab was taken and was positive for group A streptococcus. Her complete blood count revealed a white blood count of 13.2 x 10
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