Post-Negotiation – Review and Evaluation

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Post-Negotiation – Review and Evaluation Opening position Proposed by Management  Written request by Union  Reasonable notice must be given  Leave of absence will be granted without pay  Up to 2 employees for one day  Leave of absence days may not exceed 10 days off  Leave of Absence granted solely for the purpose of carrying out business for the Local Opening Position Proposed by Union  Leave of absence with pay up to 2 employees;  5 days with pay, and  12 unpaid, a total of 17 aggregated days,  For the purpose of carrying out business for the Local. First Attempt in the Negotiation Simulation In the first attempt the negotiation went too smoothly and came to a decision to easily. Both management and the union felt that…show more content…
While sitting at the negotiation simulation I learned that you have to a strict outline on what should be negotiated. I also learned that being well prepared is not enough you have to be able to communicate effectively with the other side. You have to explain with good reason why you decided to change the clause. Did you apply your defined negotiation strategy, in terms of negotiation style, conflict resolution? Integrative Bargaining I wanted both sides to operate under the assumption that there’s at least one settlement that can create a win/win solution. I wanted the negotiation simulation to be just like a real one. As the management side, I would like to builds a long-term relationship that facilitates working together in the future. Whereas distributive leaves one a loser; and tends to build animosities and deepen divisions. In preparing for my negotiation I followed the guidelines for Integrative Bargaining: 1. Consider the other party’s situation. 2. Have a concrete strategy. 3. Begin with a positive overture. 4. Address problems, not personalities. 5. Pay little attention to initial offers. 6. Emphasize win-win solutions. 7. Insist on using objective criteria 8. Check Progress Were you surprised as to what you did to reach an agreement? Do you think you compromised too much, or do you think
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