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General orders for security guard provide directions and instructions of general application of the job. Each security guard is responsible for being fully familiar with and responsive to the general orders. These orders will not be modified or revised without the written authority of Human Resources Department.

1. Manner of Performance of Duty and Uniform 1. Security personnel will be firm yet courteous, efficient and tactful at all times while in the performance of their duties. They will never engage in arguments with any person, and will refer disagreements and misunderstandings to Site in-Charge/Project Manger. Security personnel must read, fully understand and comply with all
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Prevent the loss of life and property in case a fire should start e. Confine the fire to its place of origin

3. Post orders for Vehicle Movement 1. Function – to control and inspect all vehicles entering the site 2. Specific duties – the guard will observe the following instructions: 1. Ensure that appropriate entries are made in the post log in accordance with the general orders 2. The guard will first visually identify the vehicle as approved for access before opening the barrier 3. The barrier should always be maintained except when vehicles are entering or exiting 4. Guards will remain at their post until properly relieved. 3. Emergencies – Should any of the events listed below occur, the guard must make an appropriate entry in the post log, following instruction in the general orders, and required to prepare an incident report. Notify the Site in-Charge/PM or HRD. Civil Defense or emergency responders shall be called only with authorization of Site in-Charge/PM or HRD. 1. In case of fire, have a fire extinguisher in the guard post. Know where it is located and how to operate it. Suppress the fire extinguisher and notify the Site in-Charge/PM or HRD.

4. Post Logs 1. Upon assuming the duty, the guard must enter the time, date and his name 2. Upon assuming duties at post, the relief guard

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