Post Reformation During The Reformation Era

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Post-Reformation era is remarkable better in the Good Governance compared to the centralistic Pre-Reformation era, since the authoritarian tremendous power in the pre-reformation era can be easily used to suppressed the opponents and defy the good governance principles. Unfortunately, there are some weakness with this infancy stage of decentralization in the post-reformation era due to power abuse by the district government or the local forest communities to forest resources. The euphoria of “Reformation” revolution endorse over exploitation and over reclaim on state forests, which generate further forest conversion and illegal logging. Furthermore, the overlapping jurisdiction also become common problem within this era, since each tier of government claim to have the righteous authority. All aforementioned issues, may eventually impair the implementation of the good governance and should be effectively addressed. C.3. Learning from the Neighbour Figure C.3. Forest to Land percentage in Southeast Asia countries Source: The World Bank (2015a) As seen from the graph above (figure C.3, in Southeast Asia there are only two countries which experience afforestation, namely: Philippines and Vietnam. These two country have different control over the forest resources, state control with early local empowerment in Vietnam, and full local empowerment in Philippines. Vietnam will be chosen as the reference due to the similarity of control over forest resources and the
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