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Great post! I definitely agree that the Soft&Tough manufacturer should market their new male skin care product to white collar men because these professionals are very image conscious and they want to present a youthful appearance to be competitive in their career (Anonymous, 2007). Also, professional men tend to spend more money on personal grooming products than blue-collar men (Anonymous, 2007). You make a great point that baby boomer men would be very attracted to the Soft&Tough skin care line because of the allure of products anti-aging and skin protecting components. Market indicators suggests that professional baby boomer men are one of the largest growing group purchasing personal care products so this cohort group could …show more content…
Mac products (a bit more expensive than a person would like to spend on a lap top), provides overall the best quality without the constant fear of virus attacks. It is because their product helps to remove fears of a possible virus attach is what keeps their customers loyal and willing to pay whatever the amount to avoid “headaches” of such attacks. Mac also continues to show that they have the “competitive advantage”,(Kotler and Keller, 2009, p.152) in more ways than one, and their competitors simply can’t match what Mac creates and provides. This was very clear with the recent launch of the new Windows 7 for PC’s. PC companies were almost certain that with this new platform, more sales of this product would have definitely have PC ahead of Mac for the first time with regards to quality and cost effective option. However , it was found that “Windows 7 hype might end up helping Mac by enticing customers into stores and lifting overall computer sales amid the marketing hoopla”(Madway, 2009). No matter what comes out from the PC world, Mac customers will remain loyal because their product comes with fewer headaches.

Will Thanks for your feedback Will. It is good to see that the cosmetic business sectors are starting to take notice that there needs to more products focused for the men in our society. While it is true that men are “usually reluctant shoppers, remaining loyal