Post Secondary Choice Essay

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My best post-secondary option is Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) in San Diego, CA. To find this out, we watched an exemplary video, which showed us the six main post-secondary pathways; University, Military, Apprenticeship, College, Directly to Work, and Private Training. Next, we had to explore career options based on our interests, considering the areas we will need to study most, the skills required, and the level of education needed. Then, with the end career in mind, we chose three of the best options under the pathway that pleased us most; mine being a University. Finally, we considered all criteria of each of the Universities and chose which one best fit our needs. In the end, PLNU was the best fitting option for me.

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According to PrepScholar’s SAT and GPA website,in order to get into PLNU, the average GPA accepted is 3.79, meaning mostly A’s, with some B’s is generally accepted and it is strongly competitive. The average score accepted for the new SAT exam is 1210, making it competitive. The acceptance rate is 71%, which is slightly competitive. Overall PLNU is moderately competitive to be accepted. Like any other University, I must complete the A-G requirements in high school. In order to pay the overall cost, I will most likely work a part time job in high school and college and be persistent with financial aid. As a freshman, I am moving forward with the end in mind. I know that I want to be a principal, but I have taken that and made it more than a wish. As of now, I am enrolled in Spanish 1, Earth and Space Science, Integrated Math 2, Accelerated English, and Visual Art 1, which are all A-G requirements. I am going steady with a 4.0 GPA and am planning to keep that going. This journey will
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