Post Secondary Education Plan

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The venture to a post-secondary institute is not a cheap one. Though, those living in Ontario, like myself, have the privilege of government bursary and loan programs, it is still a financial struggle to fund the education that is vital to a strong career path. OSAP, and the surplus of scholarships available to the public in North America is a blessing to population who lack financial support from their families.
In my entire post-secondary education plan, I plan to spend around $40,000 on tuition to get my Bachelors in Global and International with a Specialization in World Politics, or a B.A with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Economics. Then, I plan to get a Masters in either Law or Political Studies, which I anticipate will cost around another $20,000 on tuition. However, I may not look to achieve this right away, I may wait until paying off all loans before attending school again. In total, I am expecting to spend about $60,000 on tuition alone, though the actual cost of tuition may be much more than this.
I intend to pay for my schooling through my part-time job as a baker, I work every Saturday and I am hoping to work more hours in the summer to pay for my first year of residence and tuition. As, I will be attending a University at
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I know tuition will be costly, approximately $60,000 for myself, but to live out my dreams I know it is necessary to gain the knowledge available at the great Universities in Ontario. With my part-time job as a baker I hope to cover my first year of schooling, and then the rest through on-campus jobs. Finally, I hope to work in the Canadian government for several years before getting my masters and becoming a member of parliament. I hope to work to pay off my student loans, while also earning scholarships based off of my future aspirations and academic achievements to lower the initial loan amounts
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