Post Secondary Schooling Analysis

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Whenever you think about whether to choose what type of post-secondary schooling most people say to choose a university.The reason for this is due to the fact that it is the only option when choosing a school because colleges are thought of a more “easy” route and more hands on. At the beginning when I was choosing schools to go to I was mainly focused on going to a college because in my mind it is cheaper and the degree you get can get you a career far quicker than with a university degree. But over the course of choosing a degree, I found that college did not give me enough options that any university would of. I was not dead set on a career choice for myself so choosing what I wanted to do quickly was very hard for me. I even decided to take …show more content…

In addition, the university can help me mature and allow me to become more ready to live on my own and be more of an adult. With this program it allows me to see if the life of university would be a good suit for me. Unlike high school when its free, university is not government paid so the person having to manage the cost of schooling would have to be me, in return, I hope that the thought of having to pay would push me even harder to succeed. In regards to the payment of schooling, I would also have to know how to budget when I come to university due to the high pricing and multiple ways I would have to use my money for.With myself I live about 4 hours away and do not have a car present on campus which results in me getting my own groceries , preparing my own meals, trying to figure out how transit works,and trying to find whenever the bus will decide to show up. I found this way it helps me become way more of an independent person and more able to live on my own without the help of my parents. University when properly used also can help you with getting a career quickly,many people are at the availability of anyone who wishes to use

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