Post Traumatic Growth Of The Silver Lining

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Post-traumatic growth is an odd idea to consider; how can the loss of a loved one lead to a person growing and changing for the better? Although people might refuse to admit it, believing that it is offense to the deceased to see a good from their death, there sometimes is a silver lining to a loss. The silver lining is the post-traumatic growth. The idea that that loss will cause the living to have “heightened appreciation of life, more meaningful personal relationships, awareness of increased personal strength, changes in life priorities and recognition of new possibilities, and a deepening engagement with spiritual or existential concerns and the enhancement of faith,” is one that holds true after some losses, especially for me and loss of Amber. When my cousin died I was devastated and broken. To lose someone when she was only 1, caused me to look at life as something that is ever fleeting. To lose someone to something as preventable as asthma caused me to realize there are people dying every minute from preventable deaths and I can and should do something to prevent it. The loss of Amber made me rethink how I was living my life and my plans for my future. I miss her everyday and I wish to a god I don’t believe in to get her back, but without her death I don’t know who I would have become because it would not be the same person I am today. Amber’s death made me realize that meeting Death is inevitable and he doesn’t care who you are or what you have done. When Death

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