Post Traumatic Stress Case Study

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A pro was that Carol was very passionate about her job and, therefore, was very informative. She gladly answered questions, like when I asked about what technology they use. I’ve seen the speech monitors but I didn’t know they worked with worksheets and other tools. She explained the drawbacks and pros of using the machine. The con was that the machine is heavy for certain patients and can’t be hauled around. They use apps too to assist patients and help them improve in their recovery or learning. The other pro was that Carol had an assistant who answered questions about school. She said the programs are competitive and hard but worth it. I asked her if her degree in teaching helped her or benefitted her education experience. Sadly, it doesn’t but it helps to understand how children grow and…show more content…
Which isn’t good on someone’s health, but it has to be done. The patient list was stacked and the worrying about patients would be stressful. I would have to decide between sleep and paperwork which is always hard unless I organize myself correctly. I feel the job might be a little depressing. I mean it’s the best feeling in the world to see how someone’s life has improved because of you. Yet, someone’s sad story sticks in someone’s head and it just depresses them the rest of the night or day. Schooling costs a lot of money and speech pathologist earn about 58k. So it would still take forever to pay of that master’s degree. I personally feel though that these people are underappreciated and the field is considered “unnecessary and a waste of money.” Which is terrible because these people are making a difference and helping other people, it might not be like life saving surgery but it saves people emotionally. Football players who have had concussions and can’t remember anything get depressed and these people help them emotionally and
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