Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among War Veterans

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among War Veterans Introduction Soldiers from combat missions face a variety of challenges when conforming to a civilian lifestyle. The fact that there are many of the identification issues and the influence of the environment, soldiers tend to exhibit Post-Traumatic stress disorders. The manifestation of the Post-Traumatic disorder PTSD leads to the development of traumatic brain syndrome and other problems. Service men and women have taken part in many war missions, and a number of them return from mission with mental health problems. Through the years, the USA military has conducted a lot of studies and clinical trials on the influence of Post-Traumatic stress disorder on men and women in service. The aim of these studies is to prevent the development of the disorders in adult populations. Populations of these studies include patients in treatment or those already treated in DOD hospitals. The clinical setting is conducive for the study and health professionals abide to some guidelines (Mulhall, 1998). Traumatic stress disorders have different levels of manifestations namely: acute disorders, temporal axis, stress disorder and chronic Post Traumatic stress disorder. Each of the above conditions affects, mental and physical well being of an individual. Acute stress reactions characteristics are a simultaneous reaction of an individual to the effects of trauma. The patient reacts immediately to a trauma. These conditions happen within
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