Post Traumatic Stress Disorders: A Case Study

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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects many individuals in the United States. This paper focuses on individuals who survived hurricane Ike and Katrina and as a result, suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. PTSD can affect an individual for a couple of weeks to a few years after the exposure. People who suffer from PTSD can also suffer from depression and substance use (O'donnell & Forbes, 2016). The period after a natural disaster can also feed the negative feelings that come with PTSD, depression, and other anxiety disorders. The process of rebuilding your life and waiting for financial compensation can be a stressful period and, knowing that another disastrous event could happen again, makes it hard to feel secure (Forbes et …show more content…

By determining who is at risk of developing PTSD following a major hurricane, more resources can be allocated to help prevent and treat this disorder.
The first hurricane we are going to look at is Hurricane Ike which made landfall over Galveston, Texas on September 13, 2008 (Lowe, Joshi, Pietrzak, Galea, & Cerda, 2015). Ike was a massive storm that caused 29.6 billion dollars in damages, killed 195 people, started the largest search and rescue in United States history, and sparked the largest evacuation of Texas residents in the state’s history (Pietrzak, Southwick, Tracy, Galea, & Norris, 2012). The study done by Pietrzak et al. interviewed 193 individuals aged 60 and older, living in Galveston, Texas. The interview was conducted two to four months after the hurricane made landfall. The researchers found that many older adults have physical limitations which can inhibit their ability to prepare for a hurricane. Considering this, many adults experience damages from natural disasters, as well as greater financial loss from an inability to prepare for the storm.
The researchers found that one-third of participants expressed interest in psychological care, the most common being psychotherapy. The researchers found that many of the older adults may be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. Paul, Price, Gros D., Gros K, McCauley, Resnick, and Ruggiero have stated that most people

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