Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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History Post traumatic stress disorder Post-traumatic stress disorders also none as PTSD. In 1980 the American psychiatric association added PTSD to the third edition of its diagnostic and statistical manual of mental diagnostic nosologic classification scheme although controversial when first introduced the PTSD diagnosis has filled an important gap in psychiatric theory and practice from an historical perspective the significant change ushered in by the PTSD concept was the stipulation that that the etiological agent was outside the individual traumatic event rather than an inherent individual weakness traumatic neurosis they key to understanding the scientific basis and clinical expression of PTSD is the concept of trauma. The formulation a traumatic event was conceptualized as catastrophic stressor that was outside the range of usual human experiences. The framers of the original PTSD diagnosis had in mind events such as war, torture, rape, natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano eruptions and human made disaster such as airplanes crashes, and automobile accidents they considered traumatic events to be clearly different from the very painful stressors that constitute the normal vicissitudes of life such as divorce, failure, rejection, serious illness, financial reverses, and the like by the logic adverse psychological responses to such ordinary stressors would be characterized as adjustment disorders rather than PTSD this dichotomization between
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