Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Dealing with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD, is a deadly condition in which a person’s brain cannot function properly after a traumatic event occurs. There are many unforgettable events that can start this long road of pain and confusion that sometime never ends. When terrorists bombed the Twin Towers on 9/11, this affected a ton of people. It left many shocked and horrified, not knowing what to do. Sometimes there will even be homeless veterans on the streets wandering around aimlessly not knowing what’s going on. They are all being affected by PTSD, which doesn’t allow their brains to process the traumatic event that they had witnessed days, months, or even years earlier. In the novel, Holden’s thoughts and experiences relate to what real people with PTSD go through in their lives, based on the fact that they both have similar causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the disease. PTSD can be caused by a plethora of things which affect a person in a certain way that makes their body stops functioning in the correct way. Some of the most common instigators of PTSD are military combat, sexual or physical assault, car accidents, death, or even natural disasters. During these traumatic events, the human body increases the heart rate and pumps blood to the muscles as fast as it can, so that it can prepare itself to fight off bleeding or infections. As a result, all of the body’s resources and energy get locked in on physically getting out of
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