Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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People have been diagnosed with a disorder that can psychologically and mentally harm them in many ways. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an illness that can harm people mentally and physically (Mayo Clinic). Many people get this disorder because they experienced an emotionally disturbing situation (Mayo Clinic). Doctors can recognize the symptoms if a person has PTSD by diagnosing them and can treat PTSD in many different types of ways. There are historical events with PTSD about doctors realizing that PTSD is a problem and came together to figure out on how to treat PTSD.
People have been having post-traumatic stress disorder since before 490 B.C (Bentley). An Athenian soldier became blinded when he was in combat because of all the killing he seen, even though there was no harm to his body (Bentley). Today there are soldiers that become deaf, blind, and even paralyzed because they see someone being killed by their enemies (Bentley). Aristodemus was a Spartan who needed to go to battle, but he became afraid of fighting, and he committed suicide by hanging himself (Bentley). In the 1600s there was an Englishman named Samuel Pepys who wrote in his diary about the fire of London in 1666 that says that he saw the people’s faces being terrified and him not being able to help them put out the fire on so many people’s homes (Bentley). After that incident he would have flashbacks in his dreams and be both terrified and angry about the situation that he
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