Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a relatively new name for a condition that has bedeviled veterans of the military service members throughout the history of warfare. It has taken people around the world, especially within the military branches an exceptionally long time to understand and face the reality of a growing epidemic known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The best and ideal starting point to understand PTSD would be by raising the question, what is PTSD? According to physiological explanation PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which severe physical harm occurred or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or unnatural disaster, accidents or military combat. PTSD symptoms may vary in different aspects, mostly based on the individual and the events that triggered the PTSD. Even though PTSD might have a variety of symptoms and vary by degree it can be categorized into two main types, Emotional symptoms and physical symptoms. The most common emotional symptoms are depression, stress, panic, guilt, and paralyzed emotions, including the inability to feel pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable which is known as Anhedonia. Majority if not all the physical problems related to PTSD are a direct or indirect result of the emotional problems that develop due to PTSD. The most common physical symptoms are insomnia, neurological
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