Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd ) Essay

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The author is a student associated at the University of South Dakota The mind is a very interesting and special aspect of life. A person’s mind is the part of them that enables concentrated thought processes, feelings of emotion, and allows you to perceive the world in many ways. A person’s mind is always processing and receiving information of environmental stimuli, to determine what is happening around them. This is whether you are consciously trying to accomplish a task, un-consciously sleeping, or even if you’re thinking about memories you once had. Your mind is also very much like your body, and can become mentally sick if its exposed to enough mental trauma. Individuals who experience unpredictable, disastrous, and traumatizing events are often susceptible to developing a mental illness known as post-traumatic stress disorder or “PTSD”. People who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder often experience mind-numbing symptoms of traumatic flashbacks, emotional distress, and uncontrollable thoughts that can make living life a realistic nightmare. It is very important that this disorder is treated by using correct public health interventions to help individuals once again regain control over their life. To successfully track down the correct interventions in treating the mental health of individuals who possess post-traumatic stress disorder, public health officials must first be aware of the many different symptoms that effect a personal mental health. An
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