Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Report

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Entering middle school I wasn't aware of post traumatic stress disorder. It was the beginning of my 8th grade until I was introduced by my strict teacher. He introduced himself saying he served in the Iraq and is suffering with “shell shock” also known as post traumatic stress. My teacher said he does not tolerate horseplay because it will trigger him, these words were implanted in my head. Then he went into depth details about post traumatic stress disorder and how it affect him. As a few weeks go by, these students were horseplaying throwing around a paper airplane. The paper airplane goes towards his direction rapidly my teacher yells “grenade” and dashes across the room. He lays facedown on the floor, the classroom was filled with laughter.…show more content…
But there were documenting the disorder as early as 1761.One physican says there are 3 stages to the disorder. First stage, hallucination. Second, period of fever and prominent gastrointestinal symptoms. Third, anger and depression. Another physician noted that soldiers had nostalgia of war. Before the disorder was an actual disorder they called it “shell shock” in 1919. It received the name “shell shock” regarding the effects of artillery shells reaction of the explosion. A doctor observed civil war veterans describe it as overstimulation of the heart's nervous system. For the war veterans to managed this so called syndrome the took drugs. After World War 1 post traumatic stress was known as Combat Stress Reaction. It was sometimes misdiagnosed as multiple disorders such as acute stress disorder, adjustment disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, Brief psychotic disorder, depression and panic…show more content…
It changes the way they see the world. They don't feel safe outside their comfort zone. There body is impotent to threat. They grow tendencies to unhealthy addiction or disorder that could possibly lead to sex addiction, binge eating disorder, and substance abuse and furthermore. More complication of having post traumatic stress disorder is maintaining a stable work environment and relationships. Possessing it is detrimental to work they are absent more often than a person without post traumatic stress. These workers tend to be more incompetent than others. A synonym of post traumatic stress is insomnia they will have difficulty being alert in the worksite can lead to their termination. Now relationship surrounding the disorder is hard to maintain often times the spouse will think of there partner of a liability. On the opposite side the relationship the person deals with financial strain, having to pay for medical expenses, therapist or rehab. Also balancing the person symptoms and loss of friends or loss of
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