Post Traumatic Stress Experience Essay

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My patient is a male; he is African American in his early 40’s. Based on his actions and his way of thinking he has post-traumatic stress. He has been through some stressful situations that do not help at all because he is traumatized by events he has experienced in the past. He gets flashbacks whenever he goes to sleep witch he would consider being “nightmares”.
The lack of social skills was not helping his stress levels. In the situation he was in, it is was like almost impossible for him to be able to talk to someone. There is no one who he can talk to so he tries to talk to manikins to make himself feel less lonely. When he encounters with a human being and has interaction with them he does not know how to respond anymore. He has trouble believing that there is another human other than him. He is living so much in the past that when someone tries to get him back on track he reacts in a very aggressive way.
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He exercises a lot I don’t think too much to the point where it would be a problem. It does not seem that he had any major injuries according to his actions. He is a Doctor so I’m sure that if he did have any problems he was able to help himself. Towards the end my patient suffered from very brutal falls and a problem with his right upper thigh. He had difficulty walking but was back on track into his schedule.
His emotion and mental state was a big problem for him. He is traumatized by events that he experienced he occurs to often have nightmares about them. In the situation he is in it is very likely for him to be this stressed. My patient is in this stage where he believes the past is the present he does not face reality and when he does he has emotion break downs for witch cause him to very aggressive and impulsive. He has OCD witch has lead him to leave his family and risk his life as well as
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