Post War Construction

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Who is responsible for post war economic rebuild? That is the question that “End and Beginning” poses to the reader. The victor is usually the responsible party for cleanup and rebuilding. The first line of the poem portrays to the reader that someone must do it, “After each war somebody has to clear up put things in order by itself it won’t happen.” (Szymborska 690) What if the victor is an outside influence that has no intention of staying? The answer is the liberated country is responsible for its own reconstruction, but the outside country is responsible for assisting until that aid is no longer desired.
Regular day to day activities that can be seen in daily life can be compared to the concept of post war “clean up”. While
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This created a breeding ground for hatred and animosity. At the end of World War II the world leaders learned a valuable lesson from the failures of post-World War I. In order to regain trust, respect and have positive relations, the victors would have to assist in the rebuilding of the axis powers.
However with the end of World War II Germany was split in two and the Soviet Union controlled one part and the United States and its allies held sway over the other part. After time Germany became whole again and it was then time for the outside influences on both sides to pull back. Recover aid was no longer needed by Germany, they were back to being a highly productive nation once again. The difference between the two wars is that the aid in clean-up created a more positive connection between most countries involved.
There are times when aid can last for a necessary extended period of time. The United States of America entered into the Korean War to stop the spread of communism from Northern Korea to Southern Korea, and to defeat the North Korean communist regime. The Korean War began in 1950 it is now 2011 and the United States is still one of South Korea’s biggest supporter. After the armistice the United States and its allies assisted South Korea in cleaning up the war torn country and gave them aid to rebuild the country and its economy. It has been some time since monetary aid was given to South Korea, but the United States has kept a fully functional
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