Post-War Developments of Travel and Tourism

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Post-War Developments of Travel and Tourism Since the Second World War, which ended in 1945, the worldwide travel and tourism industry had grown so much that it is considered as the largest industry in the world. In the past 40 years the developments of the industry has been shaped by a number of factors. These factors can be divided into four categories, which are: * Changing socio-economic conditions * Developing technology * Product technology * Changing consumer needs Changing Socio-economic conditions This is the term given to the combination of social and economic factors. These factors have contributed to the growth of the travel and tourism industry since…show more content…
Product development =================== There are always going to be new products developing in the travel and tourism industry in order to meet consumer demands. The development of the tourism market has been mostly due to the ability to introduce travel products and services for domestic, inbound and outbound tourists. Domestic Tourism Domestic tourism is the travelling of people around their own country and staying within its boundaries. Domestic tourism was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Although the peak has fallen you will find it still to be popular among families. It is still popular because of the number of short stay holidays being taken in the UK, for reasons like business or visiting family. The domestic market has improved; people are offering things like new exciting attractions such as Blackpool. The first Butlins camp was introduced in 1936 in Skegness. It went from success to success. There were many famous entertainers there. During the Second World War the Royal Navy used it. But all this success soon dropped when foreign package holidays were introduced, because of this Butlins organisation decided that it could do with a makeover. They put 150 million into it. Most places they changed were turned into theme parks like water world. This programme was finished in 1999. But as today
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