Post War Of World War II

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Throughout Art History, it is apparent that techniques are established and flaunted to create some vivid image of a story, or a message. Up to the post war of World War II, art has delivered a scene which can be interpreted through context clues such as; current philosophies, current events, and folk-lore. Then, mainstream art had undergone a significant change in theme post World War II. New York City, United States of America, became the art capital of the world. Why? It is arguably due to Abstract Expressionist art and Pop Art known as Modernism. Modernism completely new to the world, and both of which abandoning some common core themes to art. Two famous artists whom facilitated and practiced such dramatic alterations in art culture are Paul Jackson Pollock, or just known as Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol. At first glance, someone with the an eye trained in art history and lore would look upon some of Jackson Pollock 's art and think, “How is this even art?” Maybe even said with some foul language. Some may even take it as an insult to Art History. “How can someone completely disregard the divine techniques in which our classic art is founded upon?” Well, this is all in the perspective of following the suppressive laws of a mind which may not be be susceptible and/or unwelcoming to change. At first glance, Jackson Pollock 's controversial work, “Number Thirty-one” is a messy, unsuspecting work of art. “Number Thirty-one” labors your eyes to follow the nearly

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