Post World War II: Effects and Changes in America

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Introduction World War II brought several changes to the world and specifically America. It not only changed the world map but also set impact on the behaviours. WWII played a major role in building turning points during different periods. Before WWII, African Americans were not offered equal rights in the community. It was considered an impossible thing that African could ever do a white collar or even a blue collar job. However, soon after the WWII, there came a turning point in the lives of African American with the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Civil Rights Act 1964 Turning Point in the Lives of African American The African American made hard efforts to achieve the same civil rights that the white Americans had, like voting rights and non-discrimination at organizations. The significant advances were made in 1920s and 1950s; however, they become successful in achieving their major rights in 1960s and so considered as the major turning point in history of America. The march by African American in 1963 influenced the behaviour of white American and the Martin Luther King also added inspirational comments about the African Americans in his speech and provided them with hope of approval of civil rights and one year later in 1964, Civil Rights Act was passed. However, this change of behaviour of white American was highly influenced by the consequences of WWII too. The continuous efforts of African American and the positive behaviour of the White Americans also helped in

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