Postag197v1 And Buddy D. Therapist Dan

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Bandito and Buddy-D
Therapist Dan: “We’ve spoken a lot about Xavier and some about his mates. What about you and your mates. Don’t you reason that’s worth speaking about?”
Me: “Sure. Where shall I start?”
Therapist Dan: “With whomever you want.”
Me: “Well, I met Bandito in my high school geometry class. I thought he appeared strange with his massive awkward looking metal braces and half a tongue. He looked like a Mexican Adam Sandler, but he had this contagious charm about him.
He was outspokenly funny in class and I wanted to share that laughter with him. I wanted to be friends with Bandito, but I didn’t know how until Xavier, my best friend, invited me to hang with him and his new friend Buddy-D one Friday after school.
Buddy-D was a larger than life kid physically (he weighed 400 lbs.) and was as sharp intellectually as a samurai sword. He sported wire framed nerdy eye glasses, his skin was a light brown and he wore a ponytail. He looked like a big fucking Samoan, okay. When I came over to his house with Xavier, I realized he was in my social studies class, so we were familiar with each other already.
Therapist Dan: “I don’t mean to interrupt, but was Buddy-D your corpulent friend, the one you hung out with until 4:00 A.M. at Denny’s?”
Me: “Yes, but that happened a long after I first met him. So he was hospitable, offered us drinks and even set up his PlayStation for us to play games on. Xavier and I got comfortable on the comfy couch while Buddy-D was busy talking on…

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