Postag197v1 : Rebirth With A Jokulhlaup?

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Ragnarök: Rebirth with a Jökulhlaup?
More than a millennia ago vikings set foot upon new land which they called Iceland. With them, amongst their language and culture, they brought their Norse Religion and myths of treachery, bravery, death, and rebirth. Of all their stories, their depiction of the death of their own gods and the rebirth of a new world struck me as a possible interpretation of natural phenomena. By demythologizing Ragnarök could their be a natural event that wound up incorporated into the Icelanders’ story of rebirth?
Ragnarök, the myth of the end times in Norse mythology, involves several events that lead up to and beyond the downfall of the gods. The beginning of the end is signaled by fimbulwinter, which consists of three consecutive winters without any summers, with darkened skies and scarce crops. It is then followed by a giant wolf, Fenrir, who, after breaking free of his chains, eats the sun. Fenrir is subsequently followed by Surtr, a giant with a flaming sword, that leaves nothing but destruction in his wake. These parts leading up to the rebirth have already been analyzed by others. The clear consensus they gathered at was that the prolonged overcast and the burning of the earth could only be an account of a volcano. And I agree with them, however, post annihilation there is a captivating illustration that serves as the medium to bring in the new world.
At last, in the ultimate reversal of the original process of creation, the ravaged land sank…
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