Postcolonial Literature: Uncovering Western Myths Essay

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Africa has been the embodiment of european perspectives before and after the Colonialism; these perspectives have attempted to provide insights on the facts behind it. In those terms, Africa has been reduced an atmosphere of concepts such as deep darkness, mystery, and madness, a place in which attrocities arise at any time of the day, and people are savages and chaotic. From that colonialist viewpoint, Africa was a place that needed help and control urgently in order to save it form itself and civilize it; therefore, white European men felt the need of accomplishing this mission and bring civilization to black men, which only meant to do thing as Europeans did. In Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1993), these European visions are portraited to…show more content…
They have rituals in specific times of the year, and they even measure time in market days. Achebe gives life to the main character Okonkwo in such a way that is perceived by the reader as an everyday man; a man with moral, character, suffering, and caring although cold on the outside. The community is strickly patriarchal, nor very different from anywhere in the world in those times. However, the author explores women's world with the same importance he explores men's world in the novel, and in several ocassions he refers to the women's role as paramount for the tribe and of equal importance than men's role, eventhough within the tribe the awareness of this is not general. All of the above shows us that the natives were not that different from the rest of the world, they were not primitive people in chaos, just simple people with different customs. They had a strong social structure and a system of rules that allowed people to live in community, harmony and peace for they solved the problems they had with justice and measures -Judgments with the seven Spirits and paying money when commited a fault). At some point, this system had more sense than that of the white man; people who accidentally or premeditatedly killed someone of the tribe would have to spend seven years of exile outside the community; on

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