Poster For Thor Is Extremely Detailed And Eye Catching

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The movie poster for Thor is extraordinarily detailed and eye-catching. This poster uses a different combination of colors. The main colors are dull shades of blue and gray, but throughout the middle of the poster, a beam of light is created by a hue of colors like red, white, and gold. The first element of the poster that catches the viewer’s eye is the couple standing directly in the middle of the action with very serious facial expressions, looking off to the right of the poster. This image is clear as the viewer will see every detail on the woman and man. The woman is wearing a dark blue cape with black spots throughout the cape. She is protected in silver armor with a patterned detail that appears to look like a music note. Her right hand is positioned on the man’s chest, who is also wearing a cape, but his cape looks as if it is a bright red. He is disguised in a dark armor that seems to have a fish scale design on his arms and legs. The man is holding an enormous hammer, and the head of the hammer is shaped like a rectangular prism.
As the viewer scans the poster, the viewer will see many different objects in the background. Above the woman is an older man whose image appears to be not as large as the couple in the middle, but not as small as the other objects in the background. The elder man is holding a weapon that seems to look like a golden trident. Also, if the viewer looks closely, he or she will see that the man is wearing an eye patch over his right eye. To…

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