Postion Paper: Who Was More Carzed Stalin Or Hitler

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Who was more Crazed: Stalin or Hitler?      The obviously more crazed man was Joseph Stalin. Stalin was more crazed because over his time and rule, he killed millions upon millions more people that Hitler. Joseph Stalin is also more crazed because he did not kill other people he was racist against, but simply because he wanted to kill. The book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, states " Adolf Hitler's actions can not even be compared to the monstrous actions of Joseph Stalin". The author of this book points out another interesting fact. Alan Bullock states "If Hitler would have ruled in power as long as Stalin, there may have been somewhat of a kill ratio comparison between the two".…show more content…
The main people who ran the art were the Jews. Hitler's art was turned down, and from then on, he hated the Jews. Another reason for his hate was that the Jews killed Jesus, and Hitler a Christian.      Stalin was a very un-stable man. Stalin's actions, were because of nervous breakdowns, and not making the right decisions. Stalin was made dictator of Russia through the death of Lenin, and this is the only was the Russians would have put him into power.      In a quote provided by the book Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, people helped Stalin get into power by speeches like this one: “Comrades!!, It is time to tell the people the truth. Everyone in the party keeps talking about Lenin and Leninism. We’ve got to be honest with ourselves. Lenin died in 1924. How many years did he work in the party? What was accomplished under him? Compare it to what has been accomplished by Stalin! The time has come to replace the slogan ‘long live Leninism’ with the slogan ‘long live Stalinism‘”! As you can see Stalin can be compared to Hitler's use of propaganda.      Stalin was a murderer. Stalin killed all his opponents, and this is probably a major factor of why he stayed in office. Stalin was physiologically unstable because as a child his father has beaten him severely. He succeeded in life, and went somewhat crazy because of his fathers beatings. An author,

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