Postition Paper, Model Un, Ecosoc from the View of Turkey

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The Economic and Social committee from the view of the Republic of Turkey. This committee has been given two topics to discuss in this session. These would be Recovering from the World Financial and Economic Crisis: a Global Jobs Pact as well as Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective into all Policies and Programmes in the United Nations System.With the issues we are faced with in this committee session, we feel that the topic on the Global Jobs Pact should take precedence over mainstreaming gender perspectives. After the worldwide recession that started in 2007, there were many impacts that hit us more so than gender perspectives. For this reason, we feel that the issue of the Global Jobs Pact and Economic Crisis should be what is most…show more content…
Unemployment is a major part of that. The Global Jobs Pact would help to solve this issue. We would like to be back to ranking higher in the GDP.

Topic 2: Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective into all Policies and Programmes in the United Nations System In 1997, the United Nations Economic and Social council brought to light the issue of gender perspectives in policies and programmes. The idea behind this would be to take into account how legislation and programmes will impact women in the states mentioned. Member states unanimously agreed in Beijing 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women that, “It was essential to design, implement and monitor, with the full participation of women, effective, efficient and mutually reinforcing gender-sensitive policies and programmes, including development policies and programmes at all levels. ” This does not, however, mean that all member states agreed that the advancement and empowerment of women is an issue of importance.
For us, the Republic of Turkey, we have a view of women that does not necessarily share the increasingly popular idea of women’s rights. Because we are a Muslim country, women’s rights are not of the utmost importance to us. When comparing us to many of the other United Nations member states, it may seem as if we have no women’s rights to really speak of. This is not exactly correct. More-so it is more
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