Postitive Influence of Rock Music

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Positive Influences of Rock Music
Beneath misconceptions attached to rock music, lies the truth. In a recent unpublished survey, results showed that the majority of people, a mixture of different age groups and genre listeners, disagree that rock music has had any positive influences that outweigh the negative (Do). Through lack of analyzing, many judge rock music without ever knowing the truth about it. Those that do not understand the genre may blame it for everything that is wrong with today. Rock music is not to blame for the darkness in our society; instead, it leads us away from it. It has many positive influences that cannot be seen at a quick glance. Not only has rock affected individuals but society and time altogether.
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System of a Down, a successful and influential rock band recite in ‘Boom!', one of their newest songs:
"Modern globalization, coupled with condemnations, unnecessary death, matador corporations, puppeting your frustrations, with the blinded flag, manufacturing consent, is the name of the game, the bottom line is money, nobody gives a f***. 4000 hungry children die per hour, from starvation, while billions spent on bombs, create death showers" (System of a Down).
Bands such as System of a Down are often charged with lyrics depicting their political views in the world they live in. Rage Against the Machine similarly expressed their views through rock music. They have been known to burn flags at their concerts, not to be malicious, but to make their audience aware of freedom of speech and self-expression. Many have followed suit and become more involved with politics through bands like these, showing them that it is okay to be educated in the issues around them. Recently with a push from punk bands, many have taken initiative to vote and get educated in the 2004 elections. Punk rock bands joined together to start a website to further influence and educate their audience called Although they were biased and stated so, their main goal was also made clear. "Our goal is to educate, register and mobilize over 500,000 of today's youth as one voice. We plan to use this election as a way to get our fans engaged
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