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You Used To Call Me On My Telephone Don’t you think it’s a little insane how a substantial amount of people have cell phones than toilets? The percent of high school students who actively use their cell phones is a high eighty percent and the number multiplies every year. As a result of this the majority of high school students are presently communicating by texting and it is slowly causing the English language to fall. In consequence of the fact that the number of students who text is relentlessly growing, I suppose the English language will become more complex and it will incapacitate the grammar of high school students. First and foremost, language is ever-evolving if you think about it. The language high school students communicate…show more content…
In the article “Invisible Technologies” written by Neil Postman, cultural critic, he elucidates how most people are unaware of how our language presents us. Postman dives into detail when he writes “Unlike television or the computer language, language appears to be not an extension of our powers, but simply a natural expression of who and what we are. In other words, he believes that language is a genuine expression of who we are. It’s not only causing students to come more illiterate, but it’s simply changing the English language as a…show more content…
Each and every year, the number of new words originated by texting and the media is rapidly growing and they’re also being affixed to the English dictionary. In the Ted Talk, “What Makes A Word Real” member of the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel, Anne Curzan, gives an informative speech about what makes a word real. Is the list of words that students create while they text real? Curzan says “That word might be informal, that word that you think is illogical or unnecessary, but that word we’re using is real.” In other words, she explains that a word is real if you and the person you’re communicating with both understand the same word. I openly presume that if all this continues, high school students grades will continue to diminish as the “texting language”
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