Postmodern Art And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Postmodern art is typically anti-establishment and rebellious, the beginning of postmodern art can be found in the late 1950’s-1960’s although the term was first used around 1970. The movement differed from previous movements as it deliberately went against the rules, artists used many different disciplines within one piece of work. A core value of postmodern art is that it is for everyone and tries to be a connection between art and everyday life.

Modernism triggered post-modernism, modernism painted a perfect life and used religion and truths as a way of life (e.g. Sigmund Freud and his theories)
Modernist’s artists concentrated on technique and the form of their artwork rather than complicating the process they preferred simpler more clarified techniques.

After the second world war and the huge loss of communities of men and battalions the focus shifted rather selfishly on to the individual after all it was still a dog eat dog world with the united kingdom very much still feeling the affects of the war. Rationing still continued and things where very different compared to the USA where there country had not actively been affected by the war. While Britain was in the middle of an economic downturn America seemingly progressed at a much faster rate. Individualism was to be propelled to the forefront of America youth with groups such as Greasers and teddy boys now appealing to the youth. Rock and roll and Elvis was about to hit the scene and completely go against the…
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