Postmodern Concepts' Influence on Museology

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Postmodern concepts have influenced curation and exhibitions, under the effect of museum classifications which determine the audiences’ perspectives on exhibitions. Postmodernism is highly influential and appealing because it is avant-garde (challenging past traditions). People appreciate new concepts, especially those that challenge the concept of art. The process of curation not only considers the organisation of the exhibition but is highly influenced by conceptual frameworks, postmodernism being part of the world agency. Museum classifications affect different audience perspectives because, while letting them explore the different meanings of art, they must be able to fully communicate to artists and understand their audience to let…show more content…
Museums were established for the recognition and preservation of historical artefacts. With this in mind, when the audience views an object in a museum, they may recognise it as being historically important and other works not exhibited, especially by female artists, fail to reach recognition due to the exclusion of curators and art collectors’ prejudiced opinions. This ignorance of acknowledging female artists was very common among galleries in the 19th century, and even today. In 1985, the feminist activist group, Guerilla Girls, set out to highlight the injustice shown to female artists. In 1989, At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they compared female nudes and artists with male nudes and artists and found that, in the Modern Art sections, there were less than 5% of female artists, but 85% nude females. In 2011, 22 years later, they conducted the same comparison and found that 4% of artists were women but 76% were nude. The National Gallery of London, which contains more than 2,300 works, revealed to have only 11 artists as women. It is this sexist and racial discrimination that many artworks are undermined for its value. We look at historical artefacts as works that were deemed worthy of

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