Postmodern Theory

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Postmodern/Complexity Adaptive Systems Reduce Managerial Errors
Melissa J. Reed
MHA 601 Principles of Health Care Administration
Instructor: Alisa Wagner

Postmodern/Complexity Adaptive Systems Reduce Managerial Errors Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries. As the world around us is evolving, healthcare organizations must develop new an effective ways to manage. With the many changes consistently evolving around us, managerial errors have increased with inefficient management skills. Postmodern/complexity adaptive systems can help organizations in avoiding these errors. This paper will explain ten errors and explain applying (CAS) will give better solutions to help managers in avoiding
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CAS theory tells us management will involve the team so they will have a better understanding in what environment will be most effective. (p.71)

The next error according to Johnson (2009) is “assuming the employees will not reallocate work assignments based on their perception of the best arrangement even after receiving work allocation assignment from management.” (p.80) reallocating work assignments, management should call a meeting with the team to decide what strategies will benefit and be successful. “Ignoring the speed with which the informal organization can transmit messages and, therefore, failing to manage rumors in a productive manner.” (Johnson, 2009. p.80) Management will be alert and ready to address a situation by staying in constant communication with others. Organizations engaged in effective, fast decision making use just as much information as slow decision makers but information of a different kind (Eisenhardt, 1990). The last four errors according to Johnson (2009) I am listing below in bullets and will touch on each one before concluding. (p.81)
· Failing to treat the organization’s dominant logic as an emergent property of the system and, instead, treating it as something that can be imposed on the system. Johnson (2009) states, “the behavior of a CAS cannot be obtained by summing the behaviors of the constituent parts, but emerge as the result of the pattern of connections among diverse agents.”
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