Postmodernism And Modernism In Catch 22

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Regarding the plot of the novel, Catch-22 follows the experiences of Captain Yossarian, a bombardier in the Mediterranean theater of World War II in 1944, who flies missions from the island of Pianosa over targets in Italy and France. He is surrounded by a huge cast of colourful and often weird characters, who are intended to satirize not only military life but life in any large institution. They include Doc Daneeka, the base medical officer who is more concerned with his own problems than with those of his patients; Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder, the mess officer who uses his connections to build a massive commercial empire that includes dealing with the enemy and who is the culmination of the business forces In war environment.; Major Major…show more content…
The characteristics include the use of irony, playfulness, metafiction, and black humour. It is the term used to suggest a reaction or response to modernism in the late twentieth century. So postmodernism can only be understood in relation to Modernism. Postmodernism describes both an era and a broad movement that developed in the late-20th century across philosophy, the arts, architecture and criticism which marked a departure from modernism. At its core, Postmodernism rejects that which Modernism champions. While postmodernism seems very much like modernism in many ways, it differs from modernism in its attitude toward a lot of these trends. Modernism, for example, tends to present a fragmented view of human subjectivity and history, but presents that fragmentation as something tragic, something to be lamented and mourned as a loss. Postmodernism, in contrast, doesn't lament the idea of fragmentation, but rather celebrates it. In literature, it used to describe certain characteristics of post–World War II literature, for example, on fragmentation, paradox, questionable narrators, etc. and a reaction against Enlightenment ideas implicit in Modernist

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