Postmodernism And Postmodernism Art And Design Terminology, Meanings, Context And Principles

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Compare and contrast Modernism and Postmodernism art and design terminology, meaning, context and principles. Modernism and Postmodernism are two art movements that massively contribute to each other’s ideas and principals, however have elements within them that are completely opposite to each other. This questions whether their principles actually help each other and if deep down are in somewhat similar, or whether the two ideas are wholly separate. Modernism is a term to describe the movement of new art, and was most active between the late 19th to the early 20th century. Modernism during this time does not necessarily apply to the world of art, but however, other mediums; such as literature and music. The movement meant that artists…show more content…
This particular work “Eclipse of the Sun” (1926) by Grosz, is a particular example of this. As Modernists hoped for a unanimous view, to project ones ideas across to a world and make them self-realise the world around them. This painting tries to get across Grosz’s own self-realisation as it represents how he has delved deep into his own beliefs and understandings and how he has portrayed them in a highly abstract yet explanatory way. Grosz illustrates the modernist theory in many ways. For instance, the painting is mainly a criticism of Weimar Germany, and the actions and dealings of the corrupt President of the Reich at the time, Paul Von Hindenburg, who is shown in the painting. He paints literal ‘mindless’ bodies to represent the Bureaucrats, or, the people with official positions within the government. The donkey, a money fed German citizen, blinded by their own ignorance, having being led out on a plank that would eventually lead to their fall, and death. The bottom right hand corner, the face of a child being locked away, representing youth, the harm to the future generations and the prevention of a younger voice being heard. And finally to explain the name of the painting, he paints a dollar covered moon, eclipsing the sun, to show the greed and the power money has in overtaking life, or essentially what creates life. Post modernism defines a new cultural moment within

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