Postmodernism : What Is Post Modernism?

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What is Post-Modernism? Post modernism is a difficult view point to interpret or describe in a few words, as to provide an insightful description that remains succinct is quite ironic as postmodernism opposes the attempt to ascribe one broad meaning to any “thing”. Postmodernism has often been referred to as the destruction of the Metanarrative. Thought-out all cultural eras society has usually had a focal point in their cultures. The age of enlightenment used God, modernists used technology, postmodernism seems to have disregarded structure all together. We can only truly understand what postmodernism is if we can understand the ideas that modernism portrayed. Postmodernism is the rejection of the ideas and structure that is the foundation of modernism. The rise of postmodernism can be drawn down to the rejection of trust in authority and the beginning of questioning everything. Postmodernism can be evident and demonstrated through a multiple of mediums such as art, architecture and literate. It breaks sharply away from the past, takes elements from the past, but doesn’t endorse their original purpose. The movement leaving modernism into postmodernism was just after two world wars, and the atom bomb. Society lost faith in authorities and science, which up until then had been used to advance and lead humanity into technological progression and what was perceived as a better way of life. This loss of faith is what lead the movement into questioning and gave birth to the
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