Postoperative CABG depression Essay example

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Case Study: Cultural Diversity at Nikko Hotels International 1. Why did Japan Airlines Development Company decide to develop a hotel company in the mid-1980s? It was developed to strengthen the company’s marketing and financial position. JAL is known for its aggressive global marketing and application of new technology in hotel operations, the company is determined to establish a worldwide network of hotels comparable in number to Hilton, Sheraton, and inter-Continental. 2. Why did Nikko Hotels International choose the Essex House in New York City as its first property in the United States? The chose the Essex hotel to be the first hotel Nikko to be a springboard for Nikko’s future growth. Nikko’s executives believed…show more content…
7. Why was Miura shocked to hear complaints from his managers? What did he do after he regained control of himself? Miura was shocked to hear the sharp criticisms because he felt that the executive managers were his subordinates. He didn’t understand why everyone was so upset with his comments. 8. What happened the next day? The next day, Miura tried to start over and began his speech to the executive team in a frank and all humble manner. He spoke about the global strategic development by JAL, and explained why the Nikko company had come to the united states. He shared with this team his 27 years of experience with JAL, and appealed to the group for cooperation. After his speech, he joined the team as a working participant to develop the Nikko mission statement. 9. What is the mission statement for Nikko Hotels? Dedicated employees, attentive service, quality facilities, together in harmony 10. Can you explain what cultural blunder Miura committed during the executive retreat and how he ridged the cultural gap and brought the team together? Miura committed a cultural blunder when first speaking at the retreat. The group had not known much about this man and his culture. He gave critical feedback to his subordinates during the presentation. Instead of talking to the team and sharing his background, he spoke down to them and did not originally share about himself. The best thing
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